Intellyfish Price Comparison

Dropshipping made easy

Compare prices on the fly and find out which of your favourite products are selling well. It was never easier! Our plugin provides all information needed to find the best selling products with the highest margins available.

See the difference

Intellyfish will make it much more easier to find products to drop ship

Without Intellyfish

Finding deals arising from price differences between ebay and Amazon is a tedious process that first involves finding identical products across platforms and then retrieving the information required for you own listing – all by hand.

With Intellyfish

Cut through the clutter and focus on business decisions rather than information collection. Just conduct an ebay search, click ‘Go!’ and lean back while Intellyfish does the heavy lifting of collecting Amazon prices, ratings, reviews, and units sold in the background. Then use its filters and results table to get the comprehensive overview of a strategist to make quick, informed choices, and finally export your findings to a spreadsheet.

Stunning Functionality

Eliminate your price comparison stress by using intellyfish


Create your winning formula and narrow down your search results with one click.


A comprehensive overview that allows you to override filter results and navigate quickly.


Copy to the clipboard or download your selection with all the relevant information for further processing in any spreadsheet app.

That’s in for you

All the benefits that come with the use of Intellyfish
Time Saver

Let Intellyfish do the grunt work so you can shift your attention from information collection to growing you business.
Competitive Edge

Get ahead of your peers by finding more and better opportunities – quicker.
Easy Installation

Intellyfish is a lightweight extension for the Chrome desktop browser delivered through its Webstore.

Still thinking?

That’s what our happy customer say

Intellyfish greatly facilitates what otherwise can appear like the search for the needle in the haystack and allows you to learn from other successful sellers. At first, when I started out with dropshipping, despite all the guides available, I wasn’t getting anywhere - until Intellyfish.

Michael Constatinides

I like that it allows you to approach deal sourcing in a systematic, fact-driven manner. Let’s be honest, who takes the time to gather all this information manually? With Intellyfish I was able to find a profitable product niche apparently under the radar of other traders.

Greg Jeffries

It’s the indispensable tool in the kit of anybody looking for deals and arbitrage between ebay and Amazon. Intellyfish has a very simple and concise interface and the guys who made it have been always very helpful when I needed support. I'm very happy that I found this amazing tool.

Sarah Spencer

I have spent hundreds of dollars in video series, coaching sessions and a few apps hoping to make real money with dropshipping. In hindsight, they were all in vain compared with this smart, practical app that provides you with what it all boils down to: buying low, selling high.

Lamar Cunning