Step 1. Go to Amazon bestseller list and pick a random product from any category and search the same product on eBay. If you don’t find anything on eBay, just take the next product from Amazon.
Step 2. Filter the eBay results for new, buy now and sold.
Step 3. Scan over the results and open the listings in a new tab if the price is higher than the Amazon price is.
Step 4. Now you should have a few tabs open with products that are more expensive than the one on Amazon. But we want to see more items, so we click on the sellers other items.
Step 5. Now we have a whole lot of products that might also be cheaper on Amazon. We will filter again to look only at the sold items.
Step 6. Run Intellyfish to check if the products are cheaper on Amazon.
Step 7. If you found a winner, list it to eBay.

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